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1:1 also took a tour of Cactus Recycling last week. Cactus Recycling is an industrial recycling company serving both southern California and northern Baja California Mexico. This company does more than recycle- they work to maximize efficiency of recycling programs as well as minimizing waste disposal costs.

It doesn’t matter what it is- if it can be recycled, then Cactus can do it! Everything in the picture above will be sorted and properly recycled. We were thrilled to learn they recycle Styrofoam and ALL plastics, #1-7. As with the Miramar Landfill, though there are fantastic programs to help facilitate our waste, it is our responsibility as consumers to do our part in recognizing the effects of our consumption. We each have the ability to be part of the solution to keep San Diego America’s Finest City and work towards it being as safe, healthy, and clean as possible for the benefit of future San Diegans and the environment which surrounds us.