11 TV & film characters who save the planet

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Have you ever just felt like Bonnie Tyler singing “I Need a Hero”?  Or Jack Johnson searching for “Good People”?  Here at the 1to1 Movement, we totally have.  We all need heroes: superbly noteworthy beings whose example we can follow.  But how do we find them, follow them, and learn from them? Well, turns out we watch a lot of TV. On average, Americans watch about 5 hours a day! We decided to do some relaxing research and chose 11 characters on TV shows and in movies that receive our Eco-Star award.

1. Harry Potter


From Harry Potter

Award for “Eco-Magic”

Harry Potter is a man to admire for his out-of-the-box methods of getting things done.  Harry rides brooms, opts for train rides, and even teleports via chimney to lessen his transportation footprint.  

We also groove with his mindfulness of communication. He doesn’t use email or snail mail, but an innovative alternative- owl mail, saving energy and carbon output everytime he sends a letter.  His lack of technology gives him a bit of magic to life- coming up with these alternatives requires some serious imagination and brain power. His consciousness has led him to be a hero for the magic realm and for everyone at The 1to1 Movement.  Bloody well done, Harry!

2. Neyteri


From Avatar

Award for “Interplanetary Love and Relations”

A resident tree-hugger, Neyteri inspires us all to move with the flow and energy of nature.  Her simplicity in all choices inspires: her minimalist clothing strategy has saved fabrics, hunting and gathering has saved energy, and her banshee riding has saved transportation waste. I would really love for her to protect our planet the way she protects her own, maybe she’ll inspire a movement of painted blue people hopping around the forest saving it from bulldozers and tree hogging loggers? Think about it.

3. Sister Jane Ingalls & Brooke Soso


From Orange Is The New Black

Award for “The Unexpected Group of Two- Woohoo”

Our unexpected duo award goes to the two very different activists from Orange Is The New Black, Brooke Soso and Sister Jane Ingalls, showing that sometimes it takes an unlikely pair to get progress moving. These two ban together in a hunger strike, demanding better conditions for inmates (yeah, nutrition!). Before they met in prison, Sister Jane Ingalls was a peace passing nun who chained herself to a nuclear weapons base and Soso was a modern-day revolutionary, kicking it at Bonaroo instead of Woodstock. The old and the new, we really dig their style and are stoked about unexpected teams who make a difference.  Booyah jail birds!

4. Wall-E


From Wall-E

Award for “Compact The Waste, With Little Haste”

Our “compact the waste, with little haste” award goes to Wall-E, a robot with heart.  What a surprise to see this little man making such a big impact- a great reminder for the rest of us.  He and his girlfriend really light up when it comes to environmental love. We like that though the rest of the world is off in space, floating their existence away, these two don’t quit searching for life.  Also, Wall-E’s collection of found knick-knacks and his reused shoe as a plant pot doesn’t stink!  We dig it!  

5. Lisa Simpson


From The Simpsons

Award for “Caped Cartoon”

Our next young achiever gets awarded the “Caped Cartoon” award for her endless fight for the environment.  Lisa Simpson really cares and is always combatting her family’s apathy (been there, done that!) with vegetarian rants, tree-huggin’ for days, and brave Buddhism. She is always crusading for a new cause and she has gotten a lot done in her 25 seasons as an 8 year old. Cheers, little babe, can’t wait to see where you go when you grow up!

6. Chris Traeger


From Parks and Recreation

Award for “LITERALLY Gonna Live Forever”

The award for “LITERALLY Gonna Live Forever” goes to Chris Traeger from Parks And Recreation.  Oh man, what a guy.  Biking for charity is LITERALLY one of his likes on facebook, and he LITERALLY swore off red meat because he doesn’t feel it’s healthy.  He exercises all the time which must really increase his endorphins because he is always upbeat and leading others to a more optimistic viewpoint.  What a sweet role model, but sweet like a vegetable loaf with a little bit of fruit-  one of Chris’ favorite snacks.

7. Marshall


From How I Met Your Mother

Award for “Forget the money, I’ll take morals honey!”

The big, fun loving roommate we all wish we had, Marshall from How I Met Your Mother is not only hilarious but he is also big on the environmental law front, with dreams of locking up the bad guys! Marshall was selected based on his awesome pursuit of environmental protection even in the face of a salary with many zeros. His dedication wavered only a few times with the lure of Goliath National Bank, but for the most part he has always been a bastion of strength for the environment in gritty NYC.  We love Marshall’s perseverance for saving the planet….and extensive use of charts and graphs!

8. Jesse


From Free Willy

Award for “Stickin’ it to Seaworld”

Before Blackfish, allllllllll the way back in the 90’s (yep, 20 freakin’ years ago), one American boy was already crusading for orcas. Jesse from Free Willy captured our hearts with his courageous adventure as well as capturing and releasing an adult killer whale. Wow. Way to set the bar high for “things I did over the summer holidays”! What a legend! Locking up these majestic creatures has long been a source of contention and Jesse gets our award for “Stickin it to Seaworld” for being one of the first to really bring it home to a wider audience. Plus, who can resist that end scene where the whale jumps over him… Dude, pass me the tissues!

9. Zak and Crysta


From Fern Gully

Award for “Enviro Power Couple”

Ok Fern Gully, seriously, what a movie. If you haven’t watched it recently, do so. So Crysta is a tree fairy who has magical powers to make plants grow and her whole life is dedicated to helping the rainforest, what a gal. After finding some loggers destroying her beloved home she accidentally shrinks Zak, some ignorant surfer dude tree lopper. Through song, dance and a litttlllleee bit of fairy magic, she shows him all the wonders of the forest and they totes fall in fairy love. After seeing all the beauty that nature holds, Zak vows to stop deforestation once back to human form. Fairy magic and wisdom + human capability = Enviro Power Couple!

10. Andy


From 40 Year Old Virgin

Award for “Get on ya Bike!”

Whilst Andy may be a virgin to the sexual arena, he is no virgin when it comes to being green! With his sweet ride (it has rear view mirrors!) and sensible attire, he is able to get where he is going, carbon free ya’ll! His biking ways even helps him with the ladies, who can forget the classic line “Hope you have a big trunk, cause I’m putting my bike in it”, hot damn! Basically irresistible right? Riding a bike is not only great exercise, and good for the environment but also a sure fire way to attract the kind of excellent woman who gives a damn about that stuff! Go Andy, our winner of the “Get on ya Bike!” award.

11. Sully and Mike Wazowski


From Monsters Inc.

Award for : “Turning Trash into Treasure”

If you think Monsters Inc. and it’s prequel Monsters University are just for kids, you are dead wrong. The hilarious quips these guys throw out make for excellent viewing. In case you have not seen these Pixar classics, let me run through the idea so you can fully appreciate why they get the award for “Turning Trash into Treasure.” The film centers around two monsters employed at the titular Monsters, Inc.: top scarer James P. “Sulley” Sullivan and his one-eyed partner and best friend, Mike Wazowski. The Monsters, Inc. employees generate their city’s power by… wait for it… targeting and scaring children. The louder the child’s scream, the more energy generated. They capture the scream and take it back to power their city. Now, I don’t know about you, but I am not big on screaming children… However, if there was a way to use the scream to power my laptop, hell, I might just be ok with it! It truly is an ingenious use of wasted energy! Well done to Monsters Inc., a truly innovative corporation.

You can thank rockstar interns Sarah and Amanda for this awesome list.