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1:1 visited the Miramar Landfill last week. We had an insightful tour of all the fantastic programs going on in San Diego’s only county-run landfill. 

This place is no dump! With services like industrial compost and greenery recycling, Environmental Services of San Diego is doing their part to ensure all waste materials that can be spared from the landfill can do so. 

We need to meet them in the middle! Two-thirds of what goes straight into the landfill from our trash bins is actually recyclable. The two biggest contributors you may ask? Food waste and paper. Two simple solutions- compost and reduce, reuse, recycle the paper you use! 

1:1 is looking forward to facilitating field trips from San Diego schools to the Miramar Landfill so we can all see exactly where “away” is when we throw things “away."