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1:1 welcomes our newest bestie, Brian.  Things he has in common with Bree: their names start with B, they’re high school students, and interested in careers in criminal justice. Oh, and they both love The 1:1 Movement, San Diego, and sustainability. Enough from us, get to know him! 

Hi guys! I’m Brian, a senior at High Tech High School, interning at 1:1 as part of my school and interest in gaining more knowledge on being more sustainable by living a greener life. I’ve lived in San Diego my whole life and love this city. I want to pursue a career in criminal justice and love playing with my brothers. I love my family more than I love life itself.

1:1- What’s your favorite place? 

Brian- I’d have to say that Balboa Park is probably my favorite place in San Diego, I’ve always been there for school field trips or just with my family. Every time I walk around, I always see new things that have always been there but didn’t catch my attention before. That really makes it more enjoyable and make me want to come back more often just to take it all in.

 1:1- If you could have a meal with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

Brian- If I could sit down and and have a meal with any individual, I’d probably have to say I would want it to be with Jon Heder. He’s the actor that plays Napoleon in Napoleon Dynamite and he has been a star in The Benchwarmers and Blades of Glory. There isn’t a moment where I have watched his movies and never laughed. I also feel like all of his characters that he has played reflect somewhat of how I am myself. I would definitely enjoy to sit down and chat with Jon.

1:1- Drum roll for our final question (for now)…. how do you define sustainability?: 

Brian- Sustainability to me is living a life where you are living your normal day life without it having a bad effect on others or the environment. Say, for example, growing your own garden without using pesticides- that is an organic garden and is not only healthy for you, but as well as the environment. Pesticides have harmful chemicals that can affect your body as well as the environment, and pollute the air. That is sustainability to me.

Keep tabs on Brian as he works with us over the next six weeks!