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1:1ers, meet Bree! San Diegan through and through, she is committed to keeping America’s Finest City as healthy, clean, green, safe and vibrant as possible. While she’s deciding through a pile of college acceptance letters where she wants to pursue a Criminal Justice degree,  Bree joins us on the day-to-day, spreading the message of sustainable living! We had a few questions for her… read on!

1:1- If you could be any cartoon or superhero, who you would be and why? 

If I could be any cartoon, I would be Mrs. Incredible, because of her awesome ability to stretch her body in any direction, keep positive no matter what the scenario, and her mothering characteristics to bond her super hero family team together and creating them to be unbeatable towards any type evil. 

1:1 – Imagine you’re a lawmaker in California with the ability to change policy for the benefit of your state. What law would you change and why? 

If I could change any law it would be fracking within California because the oil and gas extraction techniques are threatening our water, air, wildlife, our health, and climate. Sadly officials don’t track when people are fracking and I would love to see the law change to a more eco-friendly solution where there could be a system of monitoring or even as simple as limitations being put into order. 

1:1- We’ve just gotta ask. How do you define sustainability? 

Defending one’s passionate views on a higher level of conserving natural resources. 

We’re glad to have Bree as our latest team member! Stay tuned for 1:1 updates!!