1to1 Spring Interns

We love our interns, and we couldn’t do what we do without them.  This Spring’s team was as strong as any other, with a group of interns committed to a wide variety of causes and initiatives.  Please join us in thanking the 2016 Spring Interns.


Mariah Banks

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Igor Harris
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Mariah Banks is a California born and raised nature and travel enthusiast, with a passion for environmentalism, the arts, creative and sustainable solutions, and fish tacos. She is currently a senior at the University of San Diego, where she is majoring in Environmental Studies and graduating in May 2016. She spends her days hiking and photographing the outdoors, experiencing new places in San Diego, and daydreaming about her next global adventure.

“I have always aspired to create positive change in the world, and working with 1to1 has shown me the will and the way nonprofits impact their community, and beyond. This internship has provided me with an understanding of the operation and fundraising efforts of nonprofits, as well as helped me to develop the skill sets to empower others and seek inventive solutions. The 1to1 Movement combines innovation, sustainability, and business in a way that I hope to incorporate in my future endeavors.”

Igor, originally from Russia, grew up and attended school in Indiana. He completed his bachelor’s degree in History and Telecommunications at Indiana University, Bloomington, and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in International Relations at the University of San Diego, with an emphasis on environmental governance. Following the completion of this program, he intends to enroll in a full time JD program. Igor is passionate about arts, equality, and the freedom of the human spirit, which he believes to be continuously suffocated and crushed by the powers that be.

“My involvement with 1to1 has taught me about the power and potential local nonprofit movements can have in initiating positive change in the communities they serve. I also learned quite a bit about myself through the course of the internship, including how I can be a stronger member of a team. The experience gained through the program will undoubtedly help me in future pursuits.”


Elsie Weisskoff

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Daniel Kodama

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Elsie is from Sebastopol, a small town in Northern California, and has a zeal for travel and leading an active lifestyle, including hiking, running, and yoga. She is currently a junior studying marketing at San Diego State University, and is excited to explore France next year while at KEDGE Business School in Marseille, France. Elsie with the AWAY Project in classrooms, and conducted research on sustainable food systems, overall consumption, and waste. She aspires to incorporate what she’s learned into future ventures.

“1to1 has given me insight into an organization that is able to successfully combine creativity, sustainability, and business to create an incredible product, STACKED. It is eye opening to witness an idea come to life and all the work it takes to get there.”

Daniel is from Ventura County, California, and is graduating from San Diego State University in May 2016 with degrees in Sustainability and Marketing. He prefers to spend most of his time outdoors, whether he is skiing, hiking, rock climbing, or documentary filmmaking. He’s interested in all things environmentalism, particularly water resources and conservation, both of which he hopes to incorporate into his future work.

“My internship at 1to1 was a great opportunity to both learn about the operations of a nonprofit and physically take part in innovative programs that work with the community. I loved making “seed bombs” with the kids during Earth Day at Balboa Park and hearing them get excited about growing vegetables.”