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1to1 Tumblrs, meet Laurie! She’s joining us for the next six months from Paris! How lucky are we?? Get to know her!

Hey everyone!

I’m Laurie, the new French intern of the 1:1 family! And you know what guys? It is seriously so amazing for me to be here. San Diego is so much nicer than Paris in April (people who have already experienced April weather in Paris know what I’m talking about).

I was born in France with red wine in my baby’s bottle and grew up with a baguette under the arm and a camembert as a pillow (joke). Actually, this is how my life looks like back home: everything revolves around food (at least in my family) and the beauty of our environment (have you ever seen the Alpes? One of the most gorgeous mountains in the world!). But hey, let me reassure you, beyond cuisine and castles, I have many other interests and most of them are about the US.

Everything started when I was a kid, surely because of TV (“Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” was sooo cool!!) and later on I decided to make this more real by studying languages. That was for me the best start to get a better understanding on international topics and more precisely on the American culture. This actually led me to study in the US for one year for my Bachelor’s degree and guess where… at Humboldt State University!!

Alright now I’m sure lots of you guys get why I feel so concerned about sustainability, right? If Humboldt is pretty famous for its weed, it is even more popular for its lifestyle! This year was honestly a turning point in my life.The environment in this county is so pure and gorgeous and people are so open-minded, respectful and nice… let’s say it, it definitely inspired me. And so I came back home with so many ideas, especially about food waste (oui oui, I like “cuisine”) and how you can protect environment.

After graduating, I’ve been studying “International Project Management” for my Master’s Degree at La Sorbonne in Paris. But wait… Why management? Well because I think management can help make things different, don’t you think? I still keep in mind all the inspiration Humboldt gave me for my own interests but also for my professional career. That’s why I’m here with the 1to1 Movement! In fact, my university requires me to do a 6-month internship, which is for me the best opportunity ever: this is my chance to gather both management and sustainability. Isn’t it great?

You know, I sound like a creep back home when I want to make people more aware about their health, waste, and all the damage they do on the environment (that’s crazy to see how many people can eat dirty things that even an animal would actually not eat). Here is finally the occasion for me to make a change: this is all about sustainability guys! Yep, by committing to sustainability it’s also for you a way to respect your family, friends, your kids, people you will meet or won’t… It’s just about making things last longer, especially your “life”. I think everybody has an interest in that.