5 ways to drink greener

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1. BYOS- bring your own (reusable) straw

Glass, stainless steel, bamboo, paper… There is a wide variety of reusable drinking straws to choose from! Available on the web or in some stores (particularly some grocery stores)! Easily washable and transportable, you can keep your reusable straw in your backpack/purse and be prepared for any beverage.

2. “No straw, please!”

The best way to avoid single-use plastic straws is by simply asking for “no straw, please” when ordering beverages. Easy as this: “I’d like a soda, no straw please”, or “I’d like a margarita, no straw please”, get it?

It’s likely that the server will bring glasses of water with straws before you have time to take a look at their menu. In this case, be prepared to mention immediately, maybe even before you sit down, that you prefer to drink without a straw during the whole meal. You can’t go wrong that way! 

3. Drink an adult beverage

Over 21? Feel like indulging in an alcoholic beverage? You can’t go wrong ordering a beer or glass of wine; we guarantee that 99/9% of the time, those will not come with a straw, unlike their counterpoint, cocktails.

4. Use a reusable spoon to stir

Sometimes single-use plastic straws are intended to be used to stir rather than sip. The good news is that this is completely avoidable! It may even revolutionize your coffee, tea, or cocktails…. the reusable spoon! More efficient, fancier, and earth-friendly. Triple win, so skip the straw and stir stick, and adopt the reusable spoon!

5. Speak up!

While you were out, did you get a disposable plastic straw in spite of your ask? Or did you get a very satisfying service without a single straw? Let folks know! Share your thoughts! Most of the establishments gladly receive customers’ feedback regarding the service they provide. Tell them what you think on their social media, such asYelpFacebookUrban Spoon, or simply leave a note on the check at the end of the meal.

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