7 Reasons to Choose the Tiny Life

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Woohoo intern field trip to Permyoble Oasis! Brian Blum was awesome enough to welcome us into his tiny home in the making and the tiny lifestyle that comes with it. The Tiny House Movement is a social movement where people are simply downsizing their homes. A typical American home is 2,400 square feet and today’s tiny homes are about 100-400 square feet. They are designed in all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of materials.

Here’s the team in his tiny home:



Cameron making herself at home checking the views from above:


Using all the nooks and crannies!image

The tiny life allows you to live simply, obtain freedom, and decorate your home with adventures. Here are my favorite reasons to choose the tiny life!


In a tiny home, you take advantage of ALL the space your home has to offer. By utilizing all the vertical space in your home, you free up space on the ground for friends, yoga, craft making, rough housing, puppy loving, gardening, music playing, and more.

Every part of the tiny house is being utilized and nothing goes to waste. Brian even plans to make one of the walls a small climbing wall!



2. Edible gardening


Having a tiny home means having a BIG garden! A tiny house frees up space for planting veggies, herbs, fruits, and flowers in order to save money and live sustainably. Not to mention make yummy meals all day everyday.

Brian has started an edible garden at the front of his property that is taken care of by himself as well as the other occupants of the property. He plans to eventually turn all the land surrounding his tiny home into sustainable gardens that produce the majority of what he needs to make his meals throughout each day.

3. Dumpster dive or Ikea, dumpster dive or Ikea,  dumpster dive or ikea? DUMPSTER DIVE

In your tiny home, you can get crazy and creative with the way you build your home. From Craigslist free section to scoping out trash treasures, there are many ways to reclaim and repurpose materials to furnish a tiny home. Save money, be unique, look cool, win win win.

Who looks like they are having more fun? image  (thats Bill Murray) or



yeah…. seems pretty obvious to us…. 

4. Only got twenty dollars in your pocket? Go thrift shopping! What what what what…

(Macklemore “thrift shop” lyrics…just in case ya didn’t know)

Personalize your tiny home with awesome unique decorations you find from a thrift store! You can find awesome furniture, wall decor, carpets, and more at various thrift stores around your area. These items can make your tiny home really crazy cool while also saving you money and making your tiny home all about you and your personal style. ALSO, buying used items is the ULTIMATE form of recycling! Talk about sustainability….am I right?

Go to http://www.thethriftshopper.com, type in your city and find all the thrift stores you could ever imagine!

5. The Three P’s!

Play, party, and pee outside!

A tiny house provides BIG opportunities to enjoy all your normal funtivities outside! As much as you’ll love your tiny home, most people like to have some room to run around, stretch, or if you’re feeling lazy, lounge about. Doing all these things outside is WAY more enjoyable and you also get to know the land around you allowing your relationship with nature to become stronger and passionate! Hang up a hammock if you’re feeling lazy and sweet dreams!

Want to throw a party for your friends and family?! I promise you it’ll be WAY more fun outside. Outdoor parties are much easier to clean up and there are not many opportunities to break that vase on the counter you love so much. Also, gotta go pee? NO lines! Just go where you want and save water and paper while you do it! Nitrogen deposits for your garden! Woohoo! Sustainable parties are all the rage.

6. Ready to Roll!

Build your tiny home with WHEELS! So many people have decided to build their tiny homes with wheels attached in order to take it wherever they go! Want to go on a climbing trip? No hotels around? Stay in your very own home! This way you always feel at home AND you save some serious moola!

This tiny house is ready to roll!


7. Environmentally friendly

The most important characteristic of a tiny home is the tiny impact it has on the environment. Since YOU build your tiny home, you can incorporate all the ways to conserve resources and make sustainable choices.

  • Solar Panels: Invest in some solar panels for your roof and use the sun to provide electricity for your home!
  • Greywater: Need to take a shower? Warm your water with the power from your solar panels and incorporate a system into your shower area that catches your shower water and use it to water your edible garden!
  • Edible Garden: No need to drive to the grocery store and buy food that has been hauled across the country. Stay right at home, save some gas, and eat locally. It tastes better too!
  • Composting: You’ve got to have somewhere to put your food scraps and garden trimmings! Create a composting bin which decreases the amount of waste your produce and create incredibly nutritious soil that you can use in your garden again and again.
  • Recycled goods: Building and decorating your home with repurposed materials and items helps to maintain a balance instead of increasing the goods destin for a landfill at some point or another.
  • Less is more: Living in your tiny home you use less of everything! The average person in a tiny home will use less water, electricity, gas. As well as have less waste! A tiny home provides every person with exactly what they needs, nothing more and nothing less.

Today’s post is by no other than Sara M