#AFFF 2013 – just around the corner!!

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#AFFF = America’s Finest Film Festival. Saturday, August 3. University of San Diego. 5pm and 8pm. Get yo tickets before they’re all gone!!

Those are the basics. Here are some juicy details and insight to one of our awesome filmmakers. Leylla Badeanlou agreed to be interviewed by none other than cool cat 1:1 besite, Hailey.

First off, we LOVE your video!  What inspired you to make a video centered around biking to work?

Thank you! I can’t take all the credit for the video, it was a group effort! We were inspired to make the video because we all would bike to work together and loved it so we wanted to share that feeling with others. We felt that when we biked to work we would be in a better mood from not dealing with traffic, we interacted with others along the way instead of being in an isolated box, and who doesn’t love to save gas money and the environment!? We wanted to illustrate these benefits through a cool short video in an effort to promote Bike to Work Day.

We know you’re a very talented photographer- what sparked your interest to start shooting videos?

I love capturing memories which led me to photography. On a fun trip to Telluride, Colorado for their Annual Bluegrass Festival I decided press record on my camera instead of clicking the shutter. Editing a video instead of a photo album was like watching my images come to life! It’s like moving photography creates a more enhanced experience. It’s so fun. I’m just getting started with it!

What was it about America’s Finest Film Festival that drew your interest?

After creating the video we really wanted to promote the message and share it with as many people as possible. The goal was to inspire people to bike to work without making it a public service announcement. America’s Finest Film Festival looked liked the perfect place to share our video while having a good time and connecting with other talented folks in the community!

And finally (because San Diego is awesome), what is your favorite thing about America’s Finest City?

I love to play outside and San Diego is an amazing playground. There’s no finer city that offers perfect weather to bike, beaches to surf, deserts to climb, and nearby mountains to snowboard!

Thanks Leylla! Our 1:1 team loves San Diego just as much as Leylla which is why we decided to create an event centered around its charm. If you want to see Leylla’s video along with many other stunning videos, you best come on out to America’s Finest Film Festival on August 3rd!  There will be two showings (5pm and 8pm) in addition to great company (who doesn’t love our 1:1 team?), lots of beer, music, and even a clothing swap (where you bring an item of clothing to swap out for a new one).  AFFF is going to be an event that you really don’t want to miss out on, so you can not feel left out and get your tickets here!  Also, don’t forget to visit our Facebook page to learn more about 1:1 and the awesome things happening on August 3rd: AFFF and Swap Til You Drop, our pop-up clothing swap!  We hope to see you there! Or else…