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Alex, meet our Tumblr readers. Tumblr readers, meet our Alex. 

Hey Kiddos!

Well, it all started on a crispy-aired autumn morning in 1991 in the notorious, far away land of New Jersey. Here, yours truly graced our planet in a boisterous nature that although had then manifested in wailing tears, has become the essence of Alex Radetzky today: a loud, passionate, life-loving individual.

At the end of August, I will be back in New York City entering my senior year at Manhattan College. I am currently double-majoring in Psychology and Public Relations and no, it’s not because I have a radical future plan for getting inside your heads and subconsciously convincing you that you need to buy a product from my company (we already have the geniuses at Apple for that). I simply just haven’t the slightest idea of what career I would like to adopt, so I figured I’d give myself double the options!

Anyway, when I am not diligently studying in the library (right…), you will definitely find me at a Phish concert. At the end of this year, I will have seen them 35 times and although it sounds like I am an absurd groupie, compared to the other Phishheads out there, I’m nothing short of a being considered a newcomer. Aside from my love of concerts, I am very passionate about veganism and animals, especially my baby cat, Elphie! Otherwise, I spend my time creating. Whether it is painting with acrylics, singing and messing with chords on guitar, or writing a poem, I always find an outlet to be expressive.

Just recently, I finished the novel, Post Office by my favorite writer, Charles Bukowski. A quote by him that I identify with highlights that passionate nature I was born with. It goes,  

“We are here to drink beer. We are here to kill war. We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.”

This quote actually transitions well into how I feel about the 1:1 Movement in that the organization’s mission of sustainability is something that every single individual can easily and positively be a part of contributing to, while having fun doing it.

When I think of sustainability in my head I think of more than maintaining. I conjure up images and thoughts of progression. Sustainability isn’t just about conserving and preserving, it’s about building on these principles in order to bring us forward. The message of sustainability will expand people’s way of thinking and create room for more ideas on further enhancements. Most importantly, sustainability is the proof that just little alterations in our mindsets and behaviors will be the vehicle that brings us to a world that no longer has to face issues surrounding waste, water, energy, food, and transportation.

Essentially, I am just extremely stoked to be a part of this amazing movement here in San Diego!