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America’s Pride: Equality is an American Value

San Diego Pride Festival was one of the largest LBGT Pride Festivals in the country with an estimated 200,000 people attending the two day event. This year was historic as the first year in which active military sported their uniforms during the parade.

The weather was near perfect (as usual). Vendors and exhibitors were in full force. Music and dancing was plentiful. Smiles could be found every direction you turned. The safety folks stayed on top of their job, SD Pride as an organization threw a great Balboa Park block party that lasted all weekend, and well, in the eyes of 1:1, it was quite the event. 

San Diego Pride brought The 1:1 Movement on to help facilitate recycling in the not one, but TWO, beer gardens. Woohoo! Talk about awesome combination- beverages, bumping jams, and beautiful people being conscientious of their environment! In two days, our team of volunteers diverted over 942.6 pounds of waste and talked to thousands of people about recycling, conservation, and sustainability. Who knew recycling could be so fun? 

Local Habit provided us with a BIG ASS Double Bastard from Stone Brewery. The winner will be announced this week!