Beat the Heat

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San Diego has been experiencing an unusually hot few days. For our readers not in perfect sunny San Diego, believe us- it’s been sweaty. Today, we’ve got some tips for you on how to stay cool, San Diego. 

From 1:1…

  • Make a meal without using any appliances. Sandwich or salad that all you’ll need to do is open your fridge twice- once to grab the ingredients, and once to clean them up! Brainstorm before you open that door on what you’ll need to prevent multiple opening offenses.
  • Remember to carry your own water bottle to stay hydrated
  • Open the blinds and utilize sunshine during the day instead of turning on lights
  • Skip the hair dryer on the hot days- the surf look is classic, you won’t break a sweat after showering, and you’ll save energy
  • Fans, fans, fans! Use of fans can save up to 90% of energy compared to AC. 
  • Electronic devices- unplug when not in use or fully charged. All of them- from cellphones to tablets, razors to electric toothbrushes, TV to DVD. Give em a rest. 
  • You may break more of a sweat on your bike ride or walk, consider bringing an extra shirt in your bag and a bandanna to wipe that brow.

SDG&E is offering incentives to reduce the strain on the power grid. You can set up your Reduce Your Use alerts here. Other ways to Reduce Your Use from SDG&E:

  • Run major appliances like ovens, dishwashers, washers, and dryers before 11am or after 6pm.
  • Plan activities outside your home and before leaving, unplug devices that aren’t in use.
  • Raise your central A/C’s thermostat setting 4 to 6 degrees from where you usually have it set.
  • Set your room A/C on low or use a fan instead.
  • Turn off large electronics like big screen televisions and home entertainment systems
  • Unplug chargers and power strips instead of leaving electronics in sleep or stand-by mode
  • Turn down electric water heater temperature– a 40 gallon water heater typically stores enough hot water for several showers
  • Turn off pool pump between 11am and 6pm 
  • Ideal fridge temperatures = 40 degrees F, freezer = 5 degrees F