Our project is nearly at an end! On the last day, we’ll compare recycling items to trash items and reflect collectively on solutions. Day 4 BridgetThe week is slowly coming to an end and I feel like I’ve been carrying my AWAY bag for a lot longer than I have because of how full its […]

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Mid-Week AWAY

Tuesday 6/23: On days 2 and 3, we really started to see our impact as the amount of items accumulated. We are all increasingly aware of the many different avenues that our trash comes from, and being aware is the first step towards improvement. It’s pretty funny how many items we waste but don’t even […]

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Here’s the deal: we know that trash is a problem. As 1to1 interns, we’re all environmental superheroes-in-training, learning how to become more aware of our own actions and developing the skills to help others do the same. Still, none of us is perfect — there are so many ways to live more sustainably and consume […]

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The Most Sustainable Festival in the World?

The fact that this argument even exists is a great development.  We at 1to1 have been saying for years that you don’t need to compromise fashion for function in world of sustainability, and the music/art fest world are probably the leaders in making this a reality.   We don’t know what the MOST sustainable festival […]

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It Is Finally Festival Season! Here’s How To Make It Sustainable …

Festival season is upon us, friends! Clothing stores have been stocked with fringe macrame tops and flower crowns for months in anticipation, Coachella is gearing up for weekend two in the desert, wristbands have been activated, and everyone is packing up and heading out to get a little dirty and maybe a little sunburnt in […]

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Brews go Green too!

http://2beerguys.com/blog/2010/12/18/avery-co/ Our hometown is ranked as one of the top places in the world(!!) let alone the US, as one of the best places to grab ‘ol crafted cold one with your friends. No one can deny it is a lot of fun to cruise around and take advantage of some of the best beers […]

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