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We would like to interrupt the announcements of the Intern Hunger Games for a very important announcement. 

The 1:1 Movement has been nominated as a Top 5 Finalist for the Environmental Protection category in the West region for the 4th Annual Stay CLASSY Awards. BIG thanks to Stay Classy and their awesomeness of hosting the 4th Annual Classy Awards this year in San Diego.

… What does that mean? That means, with this story, The 1:1 Movement swayed a panel of judges to nominate us for a finalist spot out of 2,400 other nominations. We are honored. 

… What now? Please go to CLASSY Awards, select the West, scroll down to category Environmental Protection and click The 1:1 Movement

Many thanks!!! Many more thanks for those of you out there who SHARE and encourage your large networks of friends on the interwebz to vote and share, too!!