Collaborative Workspace

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We here at 1:1 think it’s a pretty rad idea- utilizing space for multiple and diverse amounts of work. We think of it as modern day industrial permaculture if you will. Think about it, take a homogeneous skyscrapper that houses one corporation, you’ll produce monoculture single-sighted work. While there will be productivity, even immense amounts of capital earned, we ask the question whether it is sustainable or not.

Take that space, put a variety of thinkers in an area in which they can bump into each other, walking into the building, while filling their (reusable) coffee mugs– and well, the opportunities of diverse ideas and innovation are endless.  

Here’s our perspective:

Collaborative workspaces are effectively utilizing finite space. By composition, one floor of a building can provide office settings to many businesses and freelancers in an efficient balance of public, semi-private, and private space of work spaces and conference rooms. The dividends of sharing utilities such as splitting water bills or expensive machinery (printers, scanners, fax machines, copy machines) only scraps the surface of benefits in coexisting in a common work place. The footprint of the building is smaller as many of the luxuries of offices do not need to be duplicated. Sounds like a good way to “reduce” of the three R’s to us.

For businesses which have offices outside the city, shared workplaces can be a professional meet-in-the-middle solution for times when different business must collaborate to lessen the commute time and impact for all parties involved.

In times of economic strain, shared workspaces can be advantageous to splitting rent or building cost and maintenance. Keeping entrepreneurs afloat is crucial for economic recovery and having affordable professional options can facilitate these successes. 

The expertise and skilled resources available for networking and knowledge of lawyers, tax consultants, graphic designers, the list goes on… are limitless. We all hit walls throughout the work day which require us to stretch, take our eyes off our laptops, and give our brain cells a quick breather from whatever it was we had been focused on. In that five minute break, you could be brainstorming slogans for a tagline for the biotech start-up or ask a question or opinion from a financial analyst while snagging a mid-afternoon snack from the kitchen area. Talk about a productive break! It stirs your mind from your single focus to incorporate other aspects of your business’s overall mission. While the intention is to not mooch valuable services of your fellow collaborative workspace colleagues, the quick question or the uncomplicated response could be a game changer in these professionals’ careers.

San Diego is pretty hip to the scene, being home to the following collaborative workspaces:

To learn more about other collaborative workspaces within San Diego, particularly in the technological sphere, continue reading here.

1:1, headquartered in San Diego, has found a home at Co-Merge. Located in the Financial District of downtown San Diego, Co-Merge offers a wide variety of benefits for coworking, telecommuting, networking, video conferencing, team building, training, or having a sophisticated space to drop in for the day. A great community of entrepreneurs, a modern design which boasts both indoor and outdoor space… and the perfect fit for our 1:1 team as we establish ourselves as a nonprofit. We’re looking forward to productive hours at Co-Merge as well as countless opportunities with our new colleagues.