Does it really have to go to waste?

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From the Saudi perspective, Dannah brings us ways to reduce and reuse your kitchen “waste” in these clever tips:

I think it’s safe to say that we all are guilty of throwing food. Whether it’s uneaten leftovers, parts of a vegetable that don’t fit into a recipe, or the ends of fruits or vegetables that just aren’t enough to make into a full meal. It’s ok, you can get that guilty look off your face. We’ve all done it which means we all can change it.

Below is a list of really interesting options for the kitchen waste we normally toss:

Smell that smoke? – get ready for your family barbeque right and reuse nut shells in your barbeque! Add the shells to your coals; they burn nice and slow… and smoky. If you want them to burn even longer, soak them in water ahead of time, and give them time to dry before adding them to your coals.

Egg me! – Not only are egg shells great for holding on to egg yolk, but they’re great for your garden, too! Once you’re done cracking those eggs for breakfast (lunch or dinner, I won’t knock your fancy) there are a couple of different things you can do with your unwanted egg shells.

A.      You can crush them up really small and put them in your bird feeder to give your little feathered friends a little source of calcium that is great for them.

B.      Wash, then crush the shells up, toss them around your garden to keep away unwanted pests and add nourishment to your soil! Double whammy!  

My Face is peeling! –  Different fruit peels have great effects on your skin. Orange and grapefruit peels make a great tonic face mask; just rub the juicy part of the peel around your face, then wash it off with some warm water to leave your skin feeling nice and soft.

Why the Sour Face? – Lemon peels are great for reducing age spots! So, if you feel those spots coming on, just duct tape (just kidding don’t do that, but you will need some sort of tape) some lemon peel where you feel age spots are, and leave it on there for an hour to soak in the goodness!

Monster me up! – Probably not the most attractive look for a night out, but sure is a great way to end your day! Can’t get all that Avocado out of its shell? Great! Slap it on your face! Okay, maybe don’t slap it, but rub that green goodness on your face for a great natural moisturizer!

You say potato I say … Breakfast! – Tired of your mashed potato left overs? (If that’s even possible) … Roll your mashed potato into little patties, throw them on a frying pan, and make yourself a delicious breakfast with hash browns!

Back to Black! – Blonde, actually 😉 – worried about those gray hairs creeping up on you?! Fear not! For I have a solution for you. Done with your potato peels? Good. Boil them in a pot of water, remove the peels, and then rinse your hair with the remaining water after you’ve applied your shampoo. The process will gradually highlight your gray hairs, and bring back their once blonde color, without using any artificial products! Boom.

My name is ______ and I’m a coffee addict! – a subject many of us can relate to, COFFEE! Ever make too much coffee and end up throwing out the end? Well, you can stop that right now! Pour whatever is left from your morning (afternoon, or evening) brew into ice cubes, freeze those suckers, and then add them to your next morning coffee to cool it without diluting the taste! You’re welcome.

Boil My Garden! … What? – There is no need for the water used to cook your vegetables should go to waste. A lot of nutrients from the vegetables are transferred to the water while cooking, which makes it great to use to water your plants (once cooled of course, you don’t want to boil your poor veggies… yet!).