Eco-Easy Gifts for Dad (even if it’s last minute!)

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Sometimes the calendar slips away from us. This blog post is by Ashleyn to save the day for last minute Eco-Easy Gifts for Dad! 

Get Handmade 


A little piece of homemade goes a long way when it comes to gifts for dad. Do it yourself gifts are easier than ever with some many tips and tricks found online and in magazines. Think repurposing, like this old map into a wallet…or taking last years Fathers Day neck tie and remaking it into a glasses case. The possibilities are endless!

Get Hallmark


Rather than buying the ol’ standard off the shelf hallmark card, why not make one yourself? Dig out the old art crayons, markers, glue and scissors. Get your creative juices flowing by cutting up old magazines, tags, or boxes—even recycling past father’s day cards from when you were a kid, to really write a message inside meant just for him. I guarantee no matter your age the homemade cards never lose their touch.

Get Hungry


What dad doesn’t love to eat? Why not cook up his favorite classic lasagna dinner or step out of the box try a new vegetarian recipe? Either way a trip to the farmers market or locally sourced butcher is a sure way to sizzle your way into dad’s heart. Maybe you could take a stab at grill master this year… For more BBQ worthy vegetarian recipes stop by these great food blogs:

Oh My Veggies

Veggie BBQ

Get Outside


Whether your dad was the one who taught you how to free throw or to perfect that golf swing, enjoy time with him outside this year! Hiking, fishing, kayaking, whatever he loves, get outside together. Many cities have outdoor activities and guides for you or find your nearest state park here.  

No matter what your time or budget looks like this year keeping your gifts locally sourced, handmade, or outside in nature are great ways to show your appreciation! Happy Father’s Day!