Fingers crossed

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At midnight last night, Stay Classy collected votes for Regional Winners. 1:1 is up against some tough competition in the West region. To be honest, we’re flattered to be associated with other organizations doing such great work in our region. Our fate of moving onto the National round is now in the hands of the Stay Classy panel and past winners. We can’t thank you enough for your continued support!! National winners will be announced on July 31. Whew, 5 days of anticipation!

If you want to keep exercising your right to vote for The 1:1 Movement, then head over to Bloggers for GOOD. We still have 5 days to jump to first! We’re ranked fourth out of 57 other fantastic bloggers doing good for their communities. It’ll take just a minute, vote here

That’s about it from us- we’ve been busy running around, establishing and spreading campaigns, and well, after this blog post, we’re back to crossing our fingers. 

Stay tuned, stay classy, San Diego.