GOOD- One good thing. Every day.

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Every day, there are hundreds of news stories which are overwhelmingly distressing, depressing, and downright dreary. It’s no wonder we tune out and turn off “real” news and tune into E!, stalk Buzzfeed, click through Imgur. But… there’s a whole big, wide, wonderful world out there… and it starts right around us. focuses on GOOD news. Appropriate name, huh? They assure their readers at least one good thing every day… and supply a massive array of good news on their website. You like politics? What about the environment? Oh, you dig business? How about lifestyle and design? Transportation and cities are more up your alley? Ahh, the techie- they’ve even got a spot for you, my technology friend. Good things are happening everywhere in all sectors. spotted us on the interwebz, asked us to submit an idea, and now we’re in the running to win their Bloggers for GOOD competition. We ask you take one moment to vote for the Intern Hunger Games as we continue moving and grooving and keeping you posted on the inner workings of a start-up nonprofit! We hope you enjoy us as much as we enjoy you! 

We at 1:1 try our hardest to focus on the good, the positive, the movement forward. Everyone is able to be part of the solution when it comes to making our houses, neighborhood, schools, workplaces, and communities better places to live. Sustainability is more than just a vocabulary word associated with the environmental movement. It simply means whether or not we can continue living the way we do today… or not.

The path we’re heading on now… dependence on fossil fuels, addicted to single-use products, the melting ice caps, the dying polar bears… is not a smart path. It’s overwhelmingly distressing, depressing, and downright dreary (see where I’m going with this?). We’re not saying run back to hunter-gatherer days, but let’s keep moving forward in ways that are mutually beneficial for all involved. 

It’s the simple, attainable steps like turning off the water while you brush your teeth that lead to actions farther down the road such as converting your washing machine to a greywater system. We all have reason to contribute- let’s focus on what we can do than dwell on what we can’t. 

Join us, join 1:1. Welcome to The 1:1 Movement. And remember to vote! You have  13 more days left!!