Green is the New Red this Valentine’s Day!

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As soon as the New Year’s propaganda commences on January 2nd, it’s almost certain that the local grocery stores and drugs stores will start filling up their aisles with plushy oversized stuffed animals, 25 different versions of the same chocolate filled cardboard heart, and endless choices of pink, red, and white “I love you” cards.  

While it might be appealing to pop into the nearest store and purchase what’s on the shelf, we secretly know we are all capable of more thoughtful and sustainable gifts. To get you started, 1to1 has put together a charming little gift guide to get your ideas going on how to have a sustainable and sincere Valentine’s Day for you, your sweetcheeks, and your planet!

Every Girl Adores Flowers (Or A Garden!) 

Fresh cut flowers are nice, but they only last a week or so, so why not switch up the norm, break away from the traditional dozen roses dream and give your babe long lasting love, potted plants! There are plenty of low maintenance plants that are sure to bring smiles that last longer than a week, for instance nemesia, petunias, succulents, and herbs are a great way to ease into the art of gardening.  Calling all romantics!! Give a mini herb garden to your lovers and then cook a beautiful and tasty date night meal to really bring the house down  this Valentine’s Day.    


The Way To One’s Heart Is Most Likely Chocolate

Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without chocolate, but over the years controversy has surrounded the chocolate industry on a human rights standpoint.  Avoid supporting these ethical issues by purchasing fair trade chocolates which requires that each worker is given fair wages, housing, healthcare, etc. and it helps boost economies in developing countries.  Plenty of stores carry fair trade chocolates just look for the “fair trade certified” label and win his/her heart over.


The Age Old Greeting Card Dilemma

Everyone has done it, we pull countless cards out of their slots only to be slightly amused by a few and pressured into buying something to show our affection, but maybe you don’t buy one at all?!  A handwritten letter on recycled paper is more meaningful than the cookie cutter card from the grocery store; however, if you’re still keen on the idea of cards, there are plenty of alternatives.  Cards for Causes creates cards out of recycled paper, made from wind generated energy, and donates to a cause! (   Another awesome alternative is a plantable card!  Giving a plant and watching it grow is one of the most romantic gestures that one could give to represent their love! Bloomin cards creates biodegradable paper embedded with seeds that can be directly deposited into the ground as a long lasting reminder of your love. (  Lastly, Trader Joe’s 99 cent cards? Yes, they are printed on recycled paper, wahoooo!


How To Wine And Dine Your Way To A Better World

Lessen your carbon footprint by purchasing local organic wine.  Want to take it a step farther? Biodynamic wine is the answer; but what in the world is that? It is a spiritual-ethical-ecological approach to farming and agriculture.  Spiritual in the sense of tuning into the rhythm of the earth and planting, plowing, harvesting, etc in cadence with the surrounding area.  Ethical, meaning a virtuous understanding and approach to any and all on the farm, and ecological, meaning a holistic and balanced farming setting.  In other words, the whole ecosystem is taken into consideration when the farm, vineyard, garden etc. is in production.  A steller list of bio wines can be found at, your pallete and your earth with thank you!


>> Happy Valentine’s Day from the 1to1 team!  Make your loved one and the planet feel special with the decisions you make this holiday season!  <<