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Greetings, Morgan. This is her first visit to sunny California! But, did you know she has also spent a week backpacking in the Rocky mountains, ‘adopted’ Leatherback sea turtles from the oceans of Greece, and zip lined through the rainforests in Costa Rica? It was news to us, too. Read on, reader.

I’m Morgan, and I am not from San Diego but from Austin, Texas. I love my city, my hometown. There is a lot of culture from all the different types of people and walks of life that congregate in Austin. There is always something new and interesting to do- food, music, people, you name it, Austin can give it! I could never get tired of seeing the beautiful landscape of the city.

Growing up in an area where interaction with the outdoors was so relevant really drew me into sustainability. There are so many things to do outdoors like hiking, nature preserves, paddle boarding, boating on the lakes, outdoor music venues, dog parks, and many other things where conservation is really encouraged. Without maintaining these areas, Austin as a city that these fun things can’t happen! I’ve always loved nature and outdoors, and the science bug bit me at an early age. As I have gotten older, I have tried to pair the two and have chosen to study Natural Resource Conservation, Environmental Science at Texas Tech University.

I love to travel, and that’s how I found myself in San Diego. I’ve been numerous states across the United States and there are still plenty more to visit. I’ve also taken a summer in Greece and Italy as well as some time in Costa Rica. I hope my next big adventure is to New Zealand, I’ve had my eye on that place for a while! I love food, music and movies with a passion and am always ready for new experiences. I can’t wait to expand my knowledge of sustainability while working for The 1:1 Movement and seeing where it can propel me next.