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Hello friends, I’m Brooke Kather! For starters, I was born and bred in Mission Viejo, California and just recently left Orange County to enter the beautiful city of San Diego to pursue a degree in Sustainability at San Diego State University. Ever since I can remember, I have been highly active and mesmerized by the world around me. I was raised to take advantage of every positive opportunity presented in my life and to turn it into an adventure to have fun, learn, and grow as an individual. I am a huge people person. I have involved myself with wonderful people who radiate love and support for what I do through participating in social, athletic, and educational opportunities.

Growing up in Southern California, I was continually fascinated by the world’s natural environment. Surfing in the warm summer Pacific Ocean, camping and BBQing at San O with good company, cross-country running through regional parks for recreation, and capturing the world’s exquisite pureness in a simple photograph were experiences that stuck my foot in the door of a whole new world that I imagined could be my future. Growing older I had the wonderful opportunity to travel abroad to countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Canada, and Mexico where I found myself fascinated by the different societies and cultures surrounding those nations. Thinking on a global level, I then started to open my eyes to the different interactions each nation had with their own natural environment and how each differently sought to aim toward a sustainable future. This really made me stop and reflect on the relationship between the communities I’ve lived in and sustainable practices in general.  

Since moving all the way down to San Diego, I have acclimated comfortably in my educational and personal life. I am an active member of the Alpha Chi Omega PanHellenic sorority where I currently hold the position of Recycling Chair, wooh! I am also a second year member of one of SDSU’s environmental clubs, The Enviro-Business Society aka E3. While I take my education and campus involvement very seriously, I have found fabulous ways to spend my free time. I have been introduced to the always enjoyable Tourmalines surf spot, hiking along the coast and through the hills, attending concerts and public shows, and more. I find that I truly enjoy adventure and discovery whether it’s finding a new trail to run on, hearing an amazing band I have to introduce to my friends, or traveling across the globe.

I have opened my mind to the endless opportunities the sustainability world offers in this next chapter of my life. To me, sustainability means collaborating with different communities, regions, and nations to find an enjoyable and workable balance that considers society’s economic, environmental, and socio-political aspects to preserve the natural environment while successfully progressing throughout the future. I am so excited to start my journey with The 1:1 Movement and can’t even grasp what all I will take away from this amazing, beneficial experience.