How far will $1,000 go?

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Better question, how far will $1,500 go? 

The 1:1 Movement is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about sustainability, conservation, and the steps we can all take in being part of the solution. Our approach is from the bottom up, top down. This means we focus on grassroots educational programs. Within two months, we spoke to over 750 kids about sustainability in respect to our environment, health, and economy. The focus is to spark ideas on how the youth of San Diego can participate in keeping San Diego America’s Finest City. The main themes of our discussion cover waste reduction, water and energy conservation, food systems, and alternative transportation. 

Each student receives one of these repurposed vinyl bags. These bags are made out of trashed vinyl collected from a local San Diego vinyl sign and banner printing company. From this collection, we employ local seamstresses to create these tote bags. From trash to utility, we invest in San Diego resources. 

1:1’s top down means we work with corporations, business owners, and local government representatives on how to incorporate policy and market within these solutions. As a nonprofit, we are as a close to zero-waste organization as possible and help other businesses of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds to achieve similar goals. We assisted in San Diego PRIDE Festival in diverting nearly 1,000 pounds of recycling from landfills and oceans and are looking forward to providing similar services to more events in the San Diego area. Our summer campaign is focused on the reduction of plastic straws in restaurants and bars. 

An unpaid staff of two with a handful of AMAZING interns and volunteers- this is 1:1. Never a dull moment and always a new challenge. This blog simply serves as a commentary to what we’re up to, a highlight of the work our volunteers are accomplishing, as well as a thanks to our followers and supporters. While “Intern Hunger Games” may have started as a half-joke, we’re a serious group of people from all walks of life, fighting the good fight til we can’t fight any more. We’ve got a lot of fire in our bellies so… San Diego and world, you’ll keep seeing us. 

If granted, the earnings from Bloggers for GOOD combined (the $1,000 for charity and $500 for author) will go straight into the life of our programs, as do all of our current earnings- not to salaries or savings accounts. 100% is invested directly back to San Diego. Make your dollar count its full potential and vote 1:1 for Bloggers for GOOD