How to be…

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An advocate for your community.

1:1 attended a great event hosted by SD Coastkeeper on Tuesday evening which opened the floor for activists and advocates on how to let their voices be heard where they need to be… and where they should not be heard as boomingly or finger-waggingly. 

Donna Frye, former City Councilmember, served as the humorist moderator for the following inspirational activists:

  • Sara Wan, a coastal advocate and former California Coastal Commissioner
  • Arthur Coe, a former staff member at the Regional Water Quality Control Board
  • Tony Young, San Diego City Council President

Frye started off the evening with an unknown source abridged quote “Everyone is only one tragedy away from being an activist.” Yikes, we all laughed because that’s scarily true. 

On the topic of conservation, there are many threatening tragedies in the not so distant future. We try our best at 1:1 to continually focus on the solutions of situations than dwell within the overwhelming problems that could in fact tragically turn all of us into advocates. Let’s start as advocates sooner than tragedy.

While it is easy to find ourselves on a lone soapbox, so passionate and so personally invested in a cause, our panelists sent home the message loud and clear that it is essential to continue building bridges than burning them. 

What stuck with us the most through the evening was the emphasis on:

  1. Credibility- do your homework
  2. Clarity and conciseness- get to the point
  3. Play nicely with others- know who you’re talking to, who you’re up against, and who could be allies
  4. A simple thank you goes a long way

Let the advocacy continue as we all try to keep San Diego America’s Finest City.