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In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week (and since we think every week is Teacher Appreciation Week), we caught up with Ms. Katie Mickelson, extraordinary elementary educator! She attended 1:1’s first Educational Symposium and the rest has been history. She has welcomed us into her classroom of fourth and fifth graders at Riverview Elementary who played a few competitive rounds of Waste Bingo and constructed our first classroom vinyl mural of what a sustainable and unsustainable world would look like. In addition, Katie volunteered her kiddos to be 1:1’s pilot After-School Sustainability Series to continue the conversation on conservation. While we’re on the topic of volunteering, Katie has dedicated a handful of weekends to joining 1:1 wherever we are! Vinyl bag art show, FIGMENT, Earth Fair, we say the date and Katie shows up with a smile and helping hands. 

Round of internet applause for Ms. M! As per usual, we had a few questions for Katie. Check ‘em out below: 


1.      What inspired you to pursue teaching as a career?

My teachers inspired me; they always looked like they were having fun.  I grew up in the small town of Truckee, and the teachers where a solid group of educators that weren’t just educating children, but educating their own.  Although not cut from the same cloth, I felt like one of theirs.  Similarly, it was a career that allowed me to continue having fun, learning new things, and working with youngsters. Furthermore, I also have a responsibility to the future!   I once heard, teachers create all other professions.   It is part of who I am to motivate and a mission to leave this place better than how I found it.  The love continues as I explore new options and put myself in new situations.  Being flexible means survival. 

2.   Do you have a funny story from the classroom you’d like to share?

Like the times when kids toot in class?!  Just kidding.  A funny story, in my perspective, was at the beginning of year.  It was my second year at the school and they kids were now, top dog!   I guess the kids were used to teachers doing things for them, because one student sat at a black screen for 5 minutes before I finally said, “the computer is not going to turn itself on.” It was a year of learning that, no one is going to do it for you!

3.      Book recommendation? What are you reading right now?

The Power of a Habit, Charles Duhigg

How do you define sustainability?

 The productivity of an agent for a(n) (un)determined amount of time.  


And now you know why we appreciate her so much. Our 1:1 team is so thankful for educators like Katie who are working hard for the future! We feel fortunate to be able to work alongside so many wonderful teachers in the San Diego area keeping this America’s Finest City!