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Introducing Steph… short for Stephanie. Learn more!

Hey! My name is Steph and I am an up-and-coming senior at Manhattan College this fall semester.  I am an International Studies major with a concentration in Global Issues.  The primary reason I chose International Studies as my major is because it combines various subjects I’m interested in such as history, government, sociology, and religion and connects them to the numerous political, social, economic, and environmental issues that our world currently faces.  I also have a minor in Government and will hopefully have a second minor in either Business or Anthropology, I have not decided yet.  

When I am not drowning in school work, I am actively involved in National Model United Nations at my school.  I love traveling and I spent this past spring semester studying abroad in Italy and wandering around Europe.  I also love going on spontaneous adventures, contemplating life and our place in the universe, engaging in deep conversations, and trying new things.  I am a bona fide Aquarius and some of my role models include Diana Vreeland, Tim Burton, George Carlin, and Ellen Degeneres.  I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life, but ideally I would like to follow in the footsteps of my hero, Indiana Jones.  I enjoy going to music festivals and concerts and some of my favorite bands are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rob Zombie, Nirvana, and Boombox.  My favorite color is red and I love tattoos and piercings.  The Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite movie of all time, but I have spent the past 11 years dedicated to Harry Potter, both the books and the movies.  One of my favorite quotes is by Oscar Wilde and he said, “To live is the rarest thing in the world.  Most people just exist.”  Ever since I turned 21, I have tried to live my life according to this quote because, to me, it means leading a life of true independence by being able to take advantage of every opportunity presented before you.  One of my favorite articles that I have recently read, courtesy of stumbleupon.com, include “12 Powerful Women Throughout History” by Alexia Sinclair and I am currently reading Inheritance by Christopher Paolini.  I also spend a lot of time reading articles on buzzfeed.com and reddit.com.

To me, sustainability is an alternative lifestyle that enables us to become more independent.  Rather than rely on large, unethical corporations for food or energy, a sustainable lifestyle allows us to obtain these necessitates with little to no interference from these companies.  It also ensures that future generations will have the resources necessary to survive.  Not only does sustainability promote independence, but it also helps us combat the various issues that threaten the well-being of every living thing on this planet.  It forces us to make changes at all levels of society, from the global and national levels to the local and individual levels, in order to promote conditions for all beings to thrive and succeed.