It Is Finally Festival Season! Here’s How To Make It Sustainable …

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Festival season is upon us, friends! Clothing stores have been stocked with fringe macrame tops and flower crowns for months in anticipation, Coachella is gearing up for weekend two in the desert, wristbands have been activated, and everyone is packing up and heading out to get a little dirty and maybe a little sunburnt in an effort to curb their cravings for live music.  There is a sense of community and love that spreads throughout festivals because everyone is there to enjoy the same thing; however, there also tends to be a disconnect when you are living in the hot and sweaty dance pit moment: sustainability.  Anyone who has been at a festival knows all too well the sensation of walking through a wake of trash on the ground at the end of a good day/night of dancing.  The main offender? Water bottles.


Many festivals have taken steps to reduce their impacts on our planet.  For example, Coachella has a variety of unique tactics such as “TRASHED: the art of recycling” where artists decorate recycling bins to spread awareness, “CarpoolChella”, “10:1″ – bring ten empty water bottles get one free, and energy playgrounds where you can ride see saws and create energy.  Other festivals have introduced composting and biodegradable cutlery, as well as water refill stations and solar energy in an effort to be more sustainable.

Clearly, when you get thousands of people together in one ‘small’ area, there will undoubtedly be trash, but this year when you are frolicking through the crowds of people, be conscious – and use these simple steps to reduce your impact on the festival grounds and on our earth!

  1. Carpool! One: its fun. Two: it saves the earth from fumes and energy.  Three, you’re getting the party started early by blasting music the whole ride there!
  2. Bring a reusable water bottle, or even better a CamelPack or something similar.  It’s really important to hydrate while you are in the sun for three days straight, fill up often, drink a lot, and keep on dancing.
  3. Skip the plastic utensils and bring a traveling 3 in 1 utensil or spork. It’ll fit in your fanny pack I promise.
  4. Pack a bandana, wipe up that watermelon mouth with a cloth and  remember, it doubles as a face shield when the dust picks up (Jay Z has got the idea)
  5. Buy all those magical festival clothes second hand, there are some pretty cool things to be found at thrift stores.  Double up on your good karma and shop at a local thrift store that benefits a cause.
  6. Spread the love! Get your friends involved and make it fun! For example, when you’re at the venue try and do your part – for every artist you see preform pick up five water bottles each as you all wander through the crowds to the next stage.  


Be sustainable, be conscious, and go dancing.