Keep staying Classy, San Diego

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While we didn’t make it to the next round for the CLASSY Awards, we’re still grateful to have been associated with so many awesome organizations fighting the good fight.  We’re continuing our bump n grind mentality, working from the bottom up, top down to keep San Diego America’s Finest City. 

We’re gearing up to host our first Sustainability Symposium offered to educators within the San Diego area. This will be a free conference that introduces 1:1 as an organization, the presentation we give to students, a hands-on lesson plan to emulate within classrooms at low (to no) cost, as well as a Q&A panel. Interested? Learn more

LESS THAN 24 HOURS FOR Bloggers for GOOD!! We are still up against a bunch of incredible bloggers, and still holding fourth place. Please share with your friends this blog and the link to vote! We’re firm believers that if it weren’t for the last minute… and lots of help from our friends… nothing would ever get done. So, thanks for continuing to participate in all 1:1 does! We appreciate you more than you know!!

Stay tuned for updated reports on the Straw Pledge. Maybe you thought we had forgotten. Oh no, no, no. We did not forget that!