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Kelsey VS Shane

Our two contestants hail from opposite sides of the country– Kelsey, from the east coast and Shane, from the west. They are here on behalf of The 1:1 Movement, an organization focused on raising awareness about sustainability in respect to our environment, economy and health of wildlife and humans alike.

This year’s objective will be to best represent their abilities, creativity, and dedication for the cause of ensuring the healthiest possible future for San Diego. 

Their first challenge is to increase 1:1 social media presence through Facebook “likes." 

Week 1 Social Media Challenge:

Week 1’s challenge pits the deadly combination of Facebook and trying to make a positive online impact.  Points will be given for each “like” that a contestant can garner for 1:1’s Facebook page…easy as that.  Or is it? 

Points- 1 point/like

Current Results

Week 1: 

Kelsey- 38 points

Shane- 48 points


Kelsey- 38 points

Shane- 48 points