Kim’s Journey from Germany to San Diego Begins Today

Hi, my name is Kim and I am excited to start my internship today. I just arrived from Germany, where I was born and raised, and I am really happy to be able to gain this international working experience at the 1to1 Movement as an intern for six months.

It is my forth time I am in this beautiful city. Last year I studied abroad for one semester at San Diego State University. In my free time here (which you have a lot of during a semester abroad) I loved to discover California and its really breathtaking nature. Coming here, I knew about the nice weather and the beaches, which are more than awesome, but I wasn’t aware of the fact that you just have to drive 2-3 hours away from the coast, and you find yourself in awesome woods and mountain landscapes and see incredible night skys full of stars, far away from the city lights. I am fascinated by this variety of nature. When I got back to Germany I knew I want to spend some more time here and started looking for an internship in San Diego I could attend after my graduation. I graduatet in Educational Studies where I got in touch with different topics as sociology, political issues, (social) media and of course education, and I’m really looking forward to work within the 1to1 environmental educational programs.

Since I grew up in a nature loving family I did spend a big amount of my childhood outside, camping and exploring nature, taking great trips into the mountains or to the sea, bathing in rivers and learning about toxic and edible mushrooms or how to cook dinner over a fire. I am really thankful for this. In my eyes this is an experience no child should miss (and no adult either!). That’s why environmental issues matter so much to me. And even more since I got the chance to live by the beach. There really is a big need to conserve all of this beautiful nature, to raise awareness that it starts with yourself, and to spread knowledge and build sensibility about how to do it by single changes in a daily routine. To live sustainably is a way every single person can give his or her share to save this awesome planet.