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King Chavez High School student, Clara, writes her reaction and experience participating in the AWAY Project. Check out her photos and thoughts below! 

photo 4.JPG

It’s surprising how much trash one person can create.Without even knowing, one person can create so much. It’s scary!

Having participated in the AWAY project with the portable trash bag opened my mind to reality. I  was not expecting to collect too much trash. It’s amazing the stuff you find. When we dumped everything from the bags onto the tables, there were candy wrappers, a surprising amount of chip bags, and water bottles. Funny and weird, but there were some shoes in one of the AWAY bags. Totally did not see that coming!

The AWAY Project made me realize that we consume a lot and throw away a lot more. After doing this project, I will start changing those my habits of mine- like doing my part to keep the Earth clean and nicer. For example, carrying and using a reusable water bottle instead of single-use plastic water bottles.

Candy Wrappers.jpg

The AWAY Project opens your mind to think about possible solutions- remembering to reduce, reuse, then recycle. One of the examples that students suggested is to use both sides of paper. An excellent point! Even I find myself just using half of a piece of paper before throwing it away. Now, I think “do I really need to use this paper?” or “how else can I use this paper?”