Legend: Jonathan Zaidman, submitted by Ashley Reese

Jonathan Zaidman is a San Diego native and arguably loves San Diego more than anyone. He loves his city so much that after working for several nonprofits around the country, he decided to move back to his hometown to start his own nonprofit called the 1:1 Movement. His idea to start a nonprofit began when he realized that other nonprofits had the wrong approach to creating change. Instead of creating negative campaigns, Jonathan decided to start a nonprofit that focused on rebranding sustainability in an approachable and united way. Since the creation of 1:1, he has planned events, or festivals rather, that have celebrated the awesomeness of San Diego while raising awareness about sustainability in the community. Look to him and the 1:1 educational director Amanda Tatum for creating the cleanest, greenest, healthiest, and most vibrant communities starting right here in San Diego.

Read more about him here: http://www.1to1movement.org/about/about-us/