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Meet Ashleyn from Milwaukee! 

As a small town Midwestern lady searching for big adventure, San Diego has been an overwhelming and breathtaking experience so far! I am already in madly love with the cultural diversity and movement of the city. I can’t wait to explore more in my summer here with 1 to1! My name is Ashleyn by the way, a lactose intolerant cheese head hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’ve spent a majority of my life so far bouncing around the Midwest, studying Communication & Advocacy as well as Costume Design for the stage. But regardless of my crazy background dabbling in the arts world, I have always been a strong advocate for sustainability and environmental conservation. 

The concept of sustainability can be quite complicated when first approached. But I believe it’s more than just an idea of saving the trees and a love for nature, it’s a daily lifestyle. Sustainability for me, is about building a strong community, being aware of your daily impact and how you affect others and the world around you. My first encounter with the importance of our environmental impact came for me when I traveled to Costa Rica and worked side by side with local artists and educators there. I was blown away by the people’s appreciation of their land and resources, not to mention their sense of community! After building such a strong bond with this group of people I knew I had to do my part to make this a part of my lifestyle and share this amazing idea with others. 

Truly caring for what you have right here in your community, whether that is the land, food, art, culture, or people, is something we all deserve. Keeping all of those things alive and healthy for the future is well within our reach- no matter where you are from, what type of job you have, or what your favorite things to do on the weekend are. That is what is so great about the work The 1 to 1 Movement is doing, by making sustainability a part of everyone’s daily life, no matter how big or small that might be.

I am a creator at heart, so when I am not obsessing about documentaries about vegetables or bees, you can find me sewing, drawing, writing, or making crowns out of dandelions. Finding a way to bring the world of art and the environment together is a challenge I am up for this summer, and what a better place to do that than sweet and sunny San Diego!