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Meet Clairadactyl, who sometimes goes by Claire.

Hey everyone! I’m Claire. I was born and raised near Hershey, PA (the sweetest place on earth) and will be a junior at Princeton in the fall. My home is in a fairly rural area and most family vacations growing up were spent camping in the mountains. It’s likely it was these trips that led to my love of the outdoors, and I’m currently trying to put this admiration to good use by studying Environmental Policy at school.  

This is my first time in San Diego, and I’ve already noticed a ton of differences between here and the east coast. For one, the weather is crazy different. East coast humidity can often be too much to bear; I’d never straighten my hair and expect it to remain straight all day. People here also seem to be a lot more laid back and are more likely to strike up a conversation, especially while waiting for the trolley. I’ve met some pretty cool people while waiting at various stations – something that I’d never even considered doing on the New York subway. A few other random differences I’ve found include that the west coast (or at least SD) smells like flowers and the majority of the people on the #9 bus have Irish accents.

Sustainability to me, in short, means how we live and if we can continue to live that way. If I were given one gallon of water to last me indefinitely, I wouldn’t immediately chug the entire thing. I would have to take little sips every once in a while in order to avoid dehydration. I like to think of sustainability in the same perspective. It’s unrealistic to say that the world will produce zero emissions anytime in the near future, but we can take small steps individually to get closer to that ultimate goal.