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Meet Kaitlyn, native San Diegan and joining us this summer as part of our intern team! 

Hello all, my name is Kaitlyn and I am oh so privileged to be a part of this year’s summer internship team at the one and only 1 to 1 Movement. I am so fortunate to have this experience as not only a San Diego native but as well as only a senior in high school. Through this summer, I am excited not only to learn how I myself can better benefit the environment but also spread the word to my family, friends,and community as well. I am hoping that this summer will help influence my major choice for college, in addition to my potential career path. 

Most people label those who have a passion for the environment as typical hippies in Ocean Beach who don’t wear shoes, don’t bathe hardly enough, and chain themselves to trees in protest but this cliche is now very outdated. I have always considered myself an environmental activist whether from embracing the outdoors with the abounding ocean that surrounds me in my hometown, advocating the use of reusable water bottles, or leading the Environmental Club at my high school. Sustainability in my life is defined as changing the little things we do in our everyday lives in order to contribute to the conservation of the world around us. We all live on this planet and it is our job to do everything we can to protect it by simply being conscious of all that we do because we do have an impact. 

These conscious choices we make each day include almost everything whether choosing to not take a straw when you go out to eat, picking one day out of the week to walk to school, or even deciding from which companies you will purchase from according to how they affect their environment. I believe that we really all can make a change with the simplest things such as these but it up to us to make the right choices in the first place. We all have the potential to create a change. It’s now just up to us.