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Meet Mari(el)! Our latest team member joining us for July and beyond! We’re excited to welcome another native San Diegan!!

Hey everyone! I’m Mariel (Mari), native San Diegan and lover of all things outdoors. My parents grew up in East County and I have lived near Mission Trails Regional Park for almost my whole life. I am so happy to be the newest edition to the 1 to 1 community and to be able to work with so many forward-thinking individuals. I am an avid runner, a hiker, a slackliner, a swimmer, a biker, an adventurer, a reader, a student, and a citizen of the world. I am an environmentalist because the natural environment offers people something special that built environments cannot.

My parents both love to be outside and I have grown to love gardening and outdoor sports because of them. I am an advocate for sustainable food production because of my mother’s love for gardening and, in general, food is an important part of my life. I work at an elementary school garden as well as a community garden, and I easily spend more money on food than anything else. I have always liked to be outside and I have been gardening since I could walk. Being part of the 1 to 1 intern team will give me an idea of what a career in the non-profit sector is like and guide my future decisions, both at work and in life. I am starting my undergrad education as a freshman at UC Berkeley this fall, and am so excited to be interning here until I leave for school.

I am passionate about so many things, and sustainability is definitely one of them. Living sustainably in 2014 is easy because the average person has all of the resources to educate him/herself about the impact that his/her choices have on the world. My goal at 1 to 1 is to help raise awareness that making simple, informed decisions can have a huge positive impact on the world. I believe in the power of organizations like 1 to 1 because they are run by people who live in accord with the Earth and are happy to be doing what they do. It is easy to live sustainably when you realize that living sustainably is not about drastic changes but little ones, and those little changes allow the next generation to enjoy the same things you do.

I am glued to my reusable water bottle and you can find me running around Solana Beach or eating vegan food in North Park. I like good films and good friends and I am very excited about what the future holds. San Diego is one of my favorite citiesthere is so much potential for improvement here and I believe that we are the people to do it. Cheers!