Meet new 1to1 intern Katie

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My name is Katie and I am one of the new interns here at 1to1 Movement this spring.  I applied to 1to1 because I wanted to participate with, and be of service to, a non-profit that is educating the public in a hip and welcoming way about our earth! I was delighted to learn that 1to1’s focus this coming year is food justice, a topic I found extremely interesting and significant in my environmental issues class that I took as an senior undergraduate this past fall at USD. As a senior at the University of San Diego I’m on my home stretch this spring, majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Environmental Studies!  I am a lover of culture and humanity, but recognize the environmental uncertainty we face on this beautiful planet we call home.  I believe that these two areas of study go hand in hand with one another and the union of both will become increasingly important as our world progresses into the future.   

I was fortunate enough to grow up just north of Santa Barbara where I was raised on a working ranch in a small town.  I grew up running alongside dogs and cats, chasing bunnies through the juniper bushes, and collecting eager baby birds and placing them back in their nests when they were too young to fly.  My horse trained me to walk with intention, the cows taught me to be aware (they liked to head butt you when you were not looking), and the plum trees gave me food and shade.  I collected eggs, threw hay, and played barefoot – and I only wish that every kid could have such a fortunate life and be raised this way.  Growing up in a place so coupled by nature, I have fostered great love and respect for our earth.  

My love for the natural environment has been constantly reinforced by a variety of factors in my life.  In addition to my family’s ranch, we also have a prolific garden where I gained experience from my mom and dad on how to properly garden. I learned what was on my plate and the importance of where it came from, and this later turned into a love for cooking.  Growing up coastal, I was also introduced to the meditative aspects of surfing, where you learn to understand the ocean and move in cadence with the waves as they propel you through the water.  Although there were many factors that played into my love for the natural world, one vital aspect that heavily influenced me were the backpacking adventures that my high school organized each year.     

 At the beginning of each school year every grade took off in suburbans and drove to the mountains.  We spent a week together enjoying the natural surroundings and indulging in human interaction stripped of all daily layers and distractions.  Little did I know as a 18 year old kid, that those life changing backpacking adventures is where my seed of environmental awareness began.  We learned the basics of respectable living in the backcountry; we packed in and we packed out and the phrase “leave no trace” was burned into our vocab repertoire.  We had what we needed and only what we needed, and we lived amongst the woods.  

I think it is important to remember this attitude during our day to day lives – we are one with our earth – and it is important for us to treat it with compassion.  Our environmental awareness, knowledge, and sustainability is imperative to the future of our planet and ourselves.  The smallest of actions can put you on the path to being more environmentally conscious; and so, with this idea of becoming a more sustainable and eco conscious community, I am thrilled to be apart of the 1to1 team to help spread this notion into the minds of progressive and motivated individuals, because together we can save our planet.