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Meet Nicole. When she isn’t exploring all of the wilderness that California has to offer, she hangs with our team.

My name is Nicole.  I recently started at The 1to1 Movement working on the “What’s Your 1?” App! I was lucky enough to grow up just a few miles from the ocean in San Diego, and later earned a degree in Environmental Studies at UC Santa Cruz. There,  I spent most of my time climbing Oak trees and exploring the beautiful Northern California landscape with my friends. I was lucky enough to travel all over this beautiful state during my education, seizing the opportunities to go on “Sierra Institute” and “Natural History Field Quarter” (If you are a student, check them out!).

Sustainability, to me, is all about learning how to shift our lifestyles so that we can live in a way that allows for other species (plants and animals alike) to coexist peacefully on this beautiful planet we all share. As a human, this means treading with a light footprint, and enjoying the natural world while we still can, because what you love, you will work to protect. Sustainability starts with going outside, looking up at the night sky, or jumping in a cool river. If we can connect with the Earth– and thus feel the importance of whats at stake– living “sustainability” becomes the only natural thing to do.