Meet our new friend, Green Kid Crafts!

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Meet Penny, founder of Green Kid Crafts! She is mother of two, wife of one, and one heck of a woman! She has worked as a climate change scientist, a wilderness kayak ranger, a domestic violence counselor, an organic farmer, and an invasive plant biologist… none of which have anything whatsoever to do with being an entrepreneur. Read more about Penny and Green Kid Crafts!!

Can you tell us a little about Green Kid Crafts?

Sure! Green Kid Crafts is a local, eco-friendly company that designs and delivers creative, fun, and educational activities to kids all over the nation. Subscribers to Green Kid Crafts receive monthly deliveries of 3 fun, eco friendly arts, crafts, and science activities that spark creativity and cultivate respect and love for the environment, all for under $20/month. The activities are connected by a different theme each month, like Backyard Science, Ocean, and Outer Space. All activities are designed and tested by a community of awesome parent “experts”. This community of parents is at the heart of Green Kid Crafts and includes creative parents, grandparents, and specialists to ensure that we are delivering developmentally appropriate and inspiring activities while staying true to environmentally-friendly practices.

What inspired you to start Green Kid Crafts?

As an environmentalist and a working mother of two, I saw a need for a convenient solution that would allow families to spend quality time together enjoying fun activities that brought them closer to each other and closer to nature. I started putting together kids’ Creativity Kits for myself and my friends, and soon enough word spread and I found myself immersed in the concept full time and Green Kid Crafts was born. Green Kid Crafts is bringing children closer to their environment through fun and creative activities and I hope that, as we grow, we will show people of all ages that taking care of the environment and each other should be a factor in everything they do.

What are some of your recent success?

Green Kid Crafts has a lot to celebrate recently! We have an extremely active social media following and just reached the 1.3 million mark on Pinterest! And we are so thrilled and honored to have won many national awards, including Dr. Toys Best Green Products, Parent Tested Parent Approved, and both the MACT Green and Excellence Awards. We also recently won Green America’s People and Planet Award.

How can local parents get in on the fun?

A perfect solution for busy parents, we’re offering a free month’s trial so you can experience it for yourself! We also have many single Discovery Boxes on tons of different eco themes available here.