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Meredith goes by Mere. She currently lives on the east coast, but is SD local. Despite her photo above, she loves purple. And we mean… she LOVES purple. 

Hey everyone, my name is Mere Brown. I’m a San Diego native, but left two years ago to attend Princeton University in the gorgeous state of New Jersey. I was so happy to leave behind the endless sunshine and lack of humidity of San Diego to head to the “Garden State” where the sun is never not accompanied by vast amounts of moisture in the air and snow randomly falls in October. Okay so it’s probably apparent, I’m not huge fan of the East Coast weather, so I am thrilled to be home this summer on the best coast. I have lived in San Diego my entire life, but leaving for school has really made me appreciate how great it is. I can’t even explain how badly I crave enchiladas while I’m in New Jersey where all I can seem to find is a calzone! I really love Princeton though— I just finished up my sophomore year there. I’m a history major with a minor in gender and sexuality, much to my dad’s frustration as he (and every parent of a child at a liberal arts school) is prone to question ‘what on earth will you do with that after college?’. I don’t really have an answer for that yet, but I do know that I like feeling like I’m making a difference, hence the internship with 1:1!

I can be a little scatter-brained sometimes, and it’s easiest to just rattle off a bunch of information about myself, so here goes. I love purple. I LOVE PURPLE. I’m a caffeine addict; Pepsi is my drug of choice with anything from Starbucks as a close second. Potatoes are my favorite food. I’m the younger of two daughters. I’m a pitcher and have been for 14 years. I just had two surgeries on my pitching arm, which have left me in a super cool wrist brace. I’m afraid of belly buttons. I’m a really bad singer and dancer which probably means I should do it less. I like to shop a lot. I read a lot of feminist websites and other literature, and I will call anyone out on a sexist remark. I really like editing, especially if there is a discrepancy over a comma.

To me, sustainability means finding alternative ways to live a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle that you can feel good about without forcefully pushing it onto other people. While I hope the rest of my family gives up meat, or buys Nalgenes like mine, I won’t make them! My best friend at Princeton actually asked to try a bite of my tofu, and as hopeful as I was that she would love it and become vegetarian, after one bite she declared that it would never find a spot on her plate. But hey, that one bite of tofu meant one less bite of something else and that’s what sustainability is all about.