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This is Mitch, our second 1:1 bestie who happens to be significantly tall. You may remember Shane– don’t worry, he’s still hanging. With their forces combined, we have the tallest intern team in San Diego. Quite literally reaching new heights, we are delighted to have Mitch on board as 1:1 pushes the sky to the limit on raising awareness about sustainability!

We had a few questions for him before we completely welcomed him with open arms. Read below and you’ll welcome him, too. 

1:1- Playing baseball in college allowed you to travel to many different parts of the US. Tell us about one of your favorites places and why :

Mitch- I’ve been all over the country and have seen so many little towns that no other city dwelling San Diegan would find themselves in because of baseball.  So it’s tough to say but, aesthetically, the favorite place I’ve been would be a town I lived in called Wenatchee, Washington.  It was tucked in between the Cascade Mountains yet it was 90 degrees every single day in the summertime. Good thing the two halves of the town were split by the mighty Columbia River.  My favorite people have to be Nebraskans though.  Even though our view points weren’t the same, it didn’t stop them from having the most generous hospitality.  Everywhere we went, people were saying hi and wishing us good luck.  It was refreshing because people forget how far something as simple as a smile goes.

1:1- If you had a theme song, what song would it be and why?

Mitch- Well, I’m one of those people that are way too into music so it is hard to sum up my life in one song.  I feel like the impact music has on a person or what music means to a person is all dependent on the environment that surrounds them.  That being said,  I would have to say, that at this moment in my life, my theme song would be “Hero” by Family of the Year.  It is powerful to me for some reason.  Maybe it is with you too; check it out; oh and you’re welcome!

1:1- As a former student athlete, how do you define sustainability?

Mitch- That’s a tough question, but sustainability from my perspective would be doing anything and everything you can to lessen your impact on the environment.  Athletes generally do not have knowledge of environmental issues, so while I was a student-athlete I tried to preach simple things like turning the water off while shaving, keeping the air-conditioned clubhouse door closed at all times, and taking quick showers after the game.  If I had access to reusable grocery bags in college I would have put one in every single teammates locker with a note saying “using this is the right thing to do”.