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Off the Grid!

From our latest 1:1 bestie, Kelsey, here’s a report on 1:1’s first college mixer. Read on!

Hello, folks! As some of you were lucky enough to experience and know about,Rob Greenfield –  the nationally-recognized naked cyclist who conducted an “off the grid” cycling adventure in the name of sustainability – was nice enough to grace our humble office with his presence this past Tuesday evening. For the event, we extended invites to the student environmental/ecological clubs of SDSU, USD, UCSD and PLNU. One of the goals of the night beside hearing all about Rob’s adventure was to bring the students together in a fun and educational atmosphere to discuss the various goals, accomplishments, and problems they’ve come across both as individuals and as on-campus student-run organizations seeking environmental change. In this spirit of education and collaboration, we invited Rob to come speak for us and tell us a little something about his cycling adventure across the country.

For those of you who might not be familiar with Rob and his work, here’s a quick summary of what he indulged us with on Tuesday:

This past summer – the summer of 2013 – Rob embarked on a journey spanning from San Francisco to New York City on which he traveled by bicycle with a single cameraman as company to film his exploits. While the film hasn’t yet been logged or edited, the photographs are incredible… though some of middle America are reminiscent of a Windows background. Rob stopped in various cities to give presentations and publicize his overarching cause to promote environmental awareness and sustainability practices.

Rob relied on solar panels rigged to his bike trailer to charge his phone and laptop, went dumpster diving and farm hopping for sustenance, and used whatever bodies of water he came across for hydration and cleanliness. Since the adventure’s beginning, Rob has yet to take a shower. Natural sources of water have been suiting him just fine! Talk about living by example for water conservation.

Rob concluded his presentation with letting us know of the various adventures he has planned for the upcoming months, some of which commoners like you and me might be able to join him.

For more information about these opportunities, visit his web page via the hyperlink above or check out his Facebook page here.