Off the Grid?

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Yes. Off the Grid. Rob Greenfield and fellow sidekick Brent Martin are taking off on an epic adventure coast to coast, and are taking themselves “off the grid.” What does that even mean?

Off: not on
the: definitive article with specifying or particularizing effect
grid: electrical interlocking system of transmission lines and power stations 

To be more specific, Rob is pedaling for a more sustainable America.

We were lucky enough to meet the Greenfield Adventure team before they begin their journey. The relaxed sort of folks we are, we won’t break into a Q&A. Here’s what we learned… 

Practicing what he preaches, Rob has outlined his Off the Grid Across America by defining his parameters:

  • Transportation: cross the country with zero fossil fuels. No help from vehicles other than body and bicycle.
  • Electricity: create and use their own electricity with the help of solar  panels (Goal Zero to be exact) equipped to the bike trailer. Avoiding light switches and automatic doors, too!
  • Near Zero waste:  No inorganic waste- all of his waste (read: food & human) will be composted with the help of bokashi, an effective microorganism that speeds up the breakdown process. Human waste will be composted as well.  Any accidental inorganic waste created will be carried for the entire journey unless otherwise upcycled or reused. 
  • Food:  Locally sourced, organic, natural, and unpackaged foods. Getting back to the energy point, cooking will only use fires or Power Pot, coil stove powered by solar.
  • Water: Drinking from natural sources like rivers, lakes, and rain as well as from wells. (read:  no water from faucets or bottles and no using flush toilets) Drips Water will accompany him to purify his hydration sources. 
  • Consumption: Voting with dollars, Rob will shop at businesses that are committed to creating a healthy planet and practice corporate social responsibility.

We should also mention he’ll be singing songs accompanied with a ukulele to teach kids and communities about his adventure and sustainability, just like his friends at Guitars in the Classroom do. 

He is also our latest Straw Pledgee signer! Not only has he taken the personal pledge to say “no straw, please,” he will be enlisting the restaurants he comes across on his journey to join the Last Straw campaign in effort to reduce single-use plastic waste. 

Looking forward to following his adventure and wishing safe travels across the nation!