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Our team is thrilled to have our latest 1:1 Bestie, Margo Klein. She has traveled from The Netherlands to join us for three months in sunny San Diego. Not a bad trade-off if you ask us.

Margo is an International Leisure Management major with a minor in Imagineering. That being said, her daily mottos encompass “Carpe diem” and “Add life to days, not days to life.” Living life in the moment, she is passionate about fashion, cooking, running, windsurfing, and animals- one little animal in particular. Her name is Mali and she is a smart, social, snacking bunny rabbit who sports a long beard. If you stay tuned, you may even be lucky enough to see a picture of Mali. We had a few questions for her as we always do. Check ‘em out:

Q: If your life had a theme song play every time you stepped outside your front door in the morning to greet the day, what song would it be?

I guess that would be “Home” by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, because it gives me the feeling that no matter where you are or what you do, as long as you do what you love, you can feel at home and to me that is the greatest feeling of all. The reason why I love this song in the morning is because I’m really not a morning person and the whistling gives me energy to jump out of bed and start my day with a smile.

Q: What is your favorite meal of all time and why?

Homemade pizza with as many veggies as possible, I usually make it with organic vegetables of the season because organic food is just healthier and doesn’t have to cost more than regular veggies, if you keep track of the seasons. In general I love to use mushrooms, paprika, zucchini, broccoli, organic mozzarella cheese and of course tomato sauce underneath. It’s delicious and fun to make, I like to invite friends over, open a bottle of wine and just have some prime-time in the kitchen.

Q: What’s your definition of sustainability?

That is a difficult question because it is such a diverse term. To me, it is making sure you keep in mind the impact your own actions have on the environment, especially small decisions like recycling, taking the bike more often and eat vegetarian/vegan food. I always take my own grocery bags with me when I go to the supermarket, pick up trash when I see it laying somewhere on the street and I think these small gestures can change an entire society as long as people believe in it and the benefits become visible.