Readers, meet Kelsey! Yes, we’ve had a handful of other Kelseys, but pay attention to this lady! She has recently joined our team as she finishes out her time as a student at University of San Diego! 

Good day friends, well-wishers, commoners, and fellow good citizens of San Diego and of the WORLD. I’m here to tell you a little about how awesome I am. To do that adequately, I should start with how I became to be so awesome in the first place. First off, I was born here in sunny San Diego while my parents were on vay-cay, so I’m sure they were partying pretty hard the whole time (just kidding, that would have been illegal/immoral). Shortly after I was jump started, I was transported back to home base in San Francisco. Actually, I like to say that I’m “from” San Fran but I’m actually “from” Marin County which is where all the rich and old people live on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. To give y’all a little background on San Fran if you’re not familiar, it’s the epicenter of the world. Suffice to say, Atlas holds the world up from the tip of the TransAmerica Pyramid downtown. So, naturally, growing up in such a high voltage area has inevitably shaped who I am today. I grew up blending the various extreme-left political views and environmentally conscious attitudes held by almost everyone whom I came into contact with. The very air exuded and continues to exude, I’m sure, awareness and mindfulness not only of environmental issues but of social and political issues, all of which played fundamental roles in my upbringing. Basically, from all of that spewing of textual verbal rhetoric, I can tell you that at least…20% of my awesomeness came from where I grew up and with whom I surrounded myself. 


In high school I got into various things like rock climbing, rowing, and avoiding school work. After I (barely) graduated in ‘07 – can anyone guess what our prom theme was? – I went to CSU Chico which was No. 5 in the list of top ten party schools within the USA at the time, and I chose it for that very reason. Obviously, my priorities were in the right spot.


Continuing on into present day, I’m currently 24 and going to the University of San Diego as an Environmental Studies major. This major was natural for me to select because out of any general topic from which I could draw a life path and hopefully a career, the environment was and is the only one that fuels my fire and passion so generously. I’ve always been into nature and meshing my self with it, evident in many of my youthful Halloween costumes, one of which consisted of two pieces of paper stapled together that I wore as a loin cloth with mud streaks under my eyes. Needless to say, my mom resisted that one. As for my future plans, I am planning a wanderlustful journey around the world with no real boundaries or guidelines in mind. Then, I plan on applying for and hopefully signing in to the Peace Corps. In the meantime, I hope to continue working with and for the 1:1 Movement and improving my skills both as an awesome person and as an environmentally-driven social innovator of staggering genius.


As far as sustainability goes, I feel it’s about relating to the natural environment as it exists throughout the world, not just in “wilderness,” in a responsible, compassionate, mindful manner. Sustainability means practicing methods that reduce one’s overall carbon footprint, though I feel sustainability far exceeds concerns relating solely to carbon emissions. Our environment suffers in manifold ways, many of which are within our control as individuals to assuage. Acting sustainably is to based on a relationship of reciprocity with the environment. The earth feeds us, bathes us, clothes us… How is it not our duty to protect and honor her? We are the beating limbs of the earth, and if all we can do is use a reusable water bottle instead of styrofoam or plastic cups, that is sustainability. However, if we have the capability to do more, we must do more. This means practicing water conservation by not turning your sprinklers on for a completely unnecessary amount of time and/or providing recycled and repurposed materials to students. Sustainability, in a nutshell, is living and working toward a world in which our civilization does not impede on the earth but rather give back to it; sustainability is about implementing practices that allow the earth some breathing room because we have developed methods that sustain themselves without needing her to do all of the work for us with little to no return.