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Readers! Met Sara from the South. Or something like that. She’ll do a better job explaining. 

Hello there! My name is Sara. I am a new summer intern here at The 1to1 Movement and a new explorer of the city of San Diego. Currently, I am a senior at Sewanee: The University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee working towards a degree in Environmental Policy. I am from a small town in rural northern Virginia called Boyce. My home is situated on the banks of the Shenandoah River surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and fields of cows and horses. Growing up in this type of environment allowed me to see, first hand, the causes and effects of improperly treating the land. It caused me to develop a strong connection and sense of place to the land around my home and at the various places I have spent my time.

Sustainability, to me, means working as a collaboration of people, on a local and national scale, in an effort to live in harmony with the earth by keeping a balance between resources we need while not disturbing the balance of the earth’s natural system. My connection to my home is essentially what has lead me to San Diego to pursue my interests in sustainability with The 1to1 Movement.

My thoughts on the city as of now are so far, so good! I drove to this beautiful city from my home in Virginia and arrived about three days ago. The drive was long but we had an exciting ride stopping all along the way in Nashville, Kansas City, Aspen, Las Vegas, and finally San Diego.  Since I arrived, I have explored three different beaches and eaten my weight in delicious food. While I’m here, I have many things I have got to do! I actually made a list on my phone titled “funtivities” which consists of different places I need to go and things I need to do that pop into my mind or have been recommended to me. As of now, this is my list:

Go to:

  • Torrey Pines
  • Sunset Cliffs
  • Ocean Beach
  • Coronado Beach
  • The Casbah Music Venue
  • The Tin Can
  • The Ocean Beach Farmer’s Market on Wednesday evenings
  • The San Diego Zoo

To Do:

  • Learn to surf (of course)
  • Go rock climbing
  • See sea lions (love sea lions)
  • Explore Balboa Park
  • Eat a really gouda burrito

That what I’ve come up with and it has only been three days… so I better get started!