Round 3- Straw Pledge

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The games have escalated. Intern Shane now faces 1:1 staffers Jonathan and Amanda.

Round 3, the Plastic Straw Pledge = Shane vs. Jonathan vs. Amanda

These three will venture the streets of San Diego with one mission in mind- to find socially conscious restaurants to sign The 1:1 Movement’s Straw Pledge. 

1:1’s Straw Pledge embodies our bottom up, top down approach. As a consumer, you have the ability to say “no thanks” to a straw in your water or beverage of choice when you do not need or want one. As a restaurant, this company is doing its part to reduce waste and save money.

Why straws? Well, all by its lonesome, one straw doesn’t seem to have much of an impact. One straw is 0.3 ounces of #5 plastic. Putting this into a grander scheme, if McDonald’s serves over 68 million people per day, that translates to approximately 68 million straws disposed every day. This means over 20 million pounds of plastic being thrown away every day. 

Since many of us do not follow Super Size Me’s example, 1:1 wants to bring this San Diego central. We’re asking local restaurants and bars to join us. 

Learn more and take the Straw Pledge!

As Shane and Jonathan are native San Diegans, they have each already accumulated two restaurants which have signed the pledge… even before Round 3 began! At 1:1, we’re always hitting the pavement. 

We will edit this blog post to keep the most current head count so check back! Stay tuned for other fun and witty, yet informative updates from 1:1 as the Intern Hunger Games continue. 

Straw Pledge Challenge

Shane – 2

Jonathan – 2

Amanda – 0 

Pledged Restaurants

Local Habit– Hillcrest

Blind Lady Ale House– Normal Heights

Tiger Tiger!– North Park

Sea Rocket Bistro– North Park