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San Diego Global Vision Academy was our first school of the 2012-2013 school year to lead 1:1 presentations. This morning, we spoke to the fourth, third, and second grades (yes, in that order). And, whew, they had SO many great things to say about sustainability and the issues surrounding it. Look at all those hands up, patiently and quietly waiting for their turn to speak and listening to their classmates. Talk about an inspiration!

Our presentation is based heavily on student participation, involving them in the conversation on conservation. Two surprising topics that came up were (1) conservation of sharks and (2) fair amount of knowledge on compost. Whoa! Talk about forward thinking group. We even had the suggestion that “floating in space” is an alternative transportation to plane, train or automobile. OK, while that was far out, other ideas included utilizing bicycle generators instead of electric power and not watching so much television. Recognizing endangered species and the ways we lead our lives also affects animals’ lives. The importance of reducing, reusing, then last resort to recycle. The list goes on and on. We’re looking forward to collecting the students’ environmental journals (ahem, 1:1 homemade from reclaimed paper) to see what other fantastic ideas and solutions these students generated.

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San Diego Global Vision Academy (SDGVA) is built on a strong vision- Students will possess academic knowledge to develop leadership skills to participate and make a positive contribution in the Global Community. SDGVA will provide opportunities to make positive contributions through service learning projects for students who otherwise would be limited due to their family or community or cultural limitations.

Finding strength in diversity, the administration, teachers, staff, and students are all dedicated to pursuing that vision. Our team is thrilled and looking forward to working together in the future to accomplish goals. We’re dreaming of service-learning projects galore!

Stay tuned as this is just the beginning of our student presentations this year. Tomorrow, our team is off to speak to 11th and 12th graders at Granite Hills High