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Say hellooo to Cameron! Another amazing addition to our summer internship program!

Hello all! My name is Cameron and I am a student and photography junkie from La Grange, Kentucky. I am currently a senior at Northern Kentucky University working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication with a minor in Marketing.

My sustainability practices started when I was about ten and joined the Environmental Club at my school. I learned the importance of recycling, reducing waste, and growing my own food. Every week, we would pick up the recycling cans around the school and sort them to be sure we were recycling as much as possible. Every Friday, we would have popcorn from the corn grown in our garden. At the end of the year, each of us received a spider plant and were taught how to take the outgrowths and grow new plants. Eleven years later, I still have the plant. 

My life has always revolved around being outside and enjoying nature. My parents never bought me any kind of video game system as a child, because I was more interested in catching bugs, fish, toads, turtles, etc. My parents always took camping trips a couple times a year and my grandmother owns a house on a small lake in Kentucky. My dad taught me the names of everything from the trees to the kind of dirt. Learning about these things as a child helped me appreciate them even more as an adult.

Sustainability to me means protecting the things I grew up loving. It means living a more simple kind of life, with less consumerism and waste. It means planning out my meals for the week before I go to the grocery store, so I do not waste food. It means buying someone’s pre-owned shoes, instead of buying a brand new pair. It means donating my old clothes and household items to Cedar Lake Lodge (or local thrift/secondhand store!). Or simply  carrying a reusable water bottle.

The work of a graphic designer is not sustainable. My favorite design instructor once told me, “you have to be all right with knowing that everything you make as a designer, will someday be trash.” My goal is to work with sustainable companies to use better, reusable packaging. Working with the 1to1 Movement has shown me all of the issues humans have with staying balanced with nature. In the short amount of time I have been with them, it has also inspired me by seeing all the people in our world who actually care and are making a difference. 

​While I’m in San Diego I hope to eat authentic Mexican at least once a week, go to Torrey pines, and explore Balboa Park.